WoodForm Concrete® is NEW!

The romance with wood is apparent as we continue to use wood in all aspects of American construction. However, wood, with its diminishing supply, lacks the durability needed for many projects. This is why JM Lifestyles engineered a cost-effective concrete composite that fills a need in the design market: WoodForm Concrete®. WoodForm Concrete® has the look and feel of wood without the worry of wood, providing a beautiful, resilient, adaptable option. In essence, JM Lifestyles are the American craftsman for WoodForm Concrete® and concrete design, creating the useful as well as the beautiful.

New 2016 designs

Decorative concrete and WoodForm Concrete® in several new product ideas for your home. Counters, Islands, Vanities, and a big tub!

Castaway Vanity

One of our own in-house vanity designs in WoodForm Concrete®.

Single Ramp Vanity

A beautiful vanity for your bathroom.

WoodForm Concrete® Tub

We created this new tub created in our Peruvian Walnut finish. Don't you just love the detail of the finish?

WoodForm Concrete® Island

This kitchen island has the papyrus WoodForm finish and notice the rough hewn edge.

WoodForm Concrete® Countertops

Notice the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail in this WoodForm Concrete® countertop.

WoodForm Concrete® Firetable

Eye catching, unique, and unexpected, this WoodForm Concrete® table is a great addition to your home.


Concrete vanities and base product advertising displays

By the Beach

Here are a few different orientations of outdoor BBQ tops and bases, concrete bases, and bases with facades. Outdoor tables and fire pits in this gallery as well.

WoodForm Concrete® Tiles

Woodform Concrete® Tiles used for flooring and shower details.

WoodForm Concrete® Tables

At JM our WoodForm concrete® can take many forms. It's our signature and we can create your perfect piece of furniture. WoodForm Concrete® makes a wonderful accent to every home.

WoodForm Concrete® countertop

Notice the fine edge craftsmanship of this piece in our Reclaimed Plank finish. WoodForm Concrete is the perfect addition to your home.

WoodForm Concrete® Shower

For this shower all the molding pieces along with the ceiling are WoodForm concrete®. JM Lifestyles' signature is WoodForm®. The finish is versatile and very simple to maintain and care for.

WoodForm Concrete® in the kitchen

WoodForm countertop made in our Ogee Edge.

The Tanzy Restaurant in Boca Raton, FL

Karen Hanlon Design uses WoodForm concrete® for the Tanzy Restaurant in Boca Raton, FL

Wine Tasting Room in Harding NJ

This room was designed by Sage Designs. It's a 5'x12' WoodForm concrete® table in Platypus finish, with 4" Live Bark Edge detail. Concrete countertops with custom farm sinks are against the wall. Photography by Andrew Pitzer

Fireplace no Chimney-Eco Smart Wrap

This is a custom design piece using Woodform concrete®. These creme finish concrete panels creates a one of a kind focal point for a room. But, it's also an EcoSmart Fireplace! It uses ethanol fuel, so there is no need for venting AND this piece is mobile so it does not need to be a permanent fixture in your room.

WoodForm Concrete® Table with a concrete base

This is one of our favorite pieces! A WoodForm Concrete® round table top and with a solid concrete base.

WoodForm Concrete® Shower Seat

Something you may have never thought possible (or practical) is now possible, WoodForm concrete® in the shower. The look and feel of wood without worrying about it getting wet!

WoodForm Concrete® Island Hidden Sink

This WoodForm Island has a Live Bark Edge. Integral bent wood plank sink with a cutting board fit to cover the sink for full usable space on the island

WoodForm Concrete® Doylestown, PA

This kitchen was updated with concrete countertops. The island has metal clavos to enhance the edge detail. The perimeter tops are WoodForm. JM Lifestyles WoodForm Concrete® was featured on Apartment Therapy, you can check it out here http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/these-countertops-arent-made-f-104430. These countertops are concrete to look like wood. Our signature finish we ship these all over the world!

Mediterranean Pool House WoodForm®

This pool house has concrete countertops in the kitchen as well as a WoodForm® Concrete table overlooking their gorgeous pool! This WoodForm® piece has a 4" Live Edge with Bark. The color is our standard Driftwood.

WoodForm Concrete® Key Largo, FL

Kitchen Design by Peter Salerno Inc. This amazing kitchen features our WoodForm on the Islands. Notice the 4" Live Bark Edge and the signature leaves.

Faux Bois Table Base

This table base was inspired by an actual wood drift wood base. The base found was too small to support the 72" round glass and it wasn't organic enough for the person who wanted it. So we created a very organic concrete base to look like wood. This table was made for a wine room so we created one of the branches to hold a wine bottle under the table top!

Chicago Country Island WoodForm Concrete®

This Chicago commission allowed for JM Lifestyles' attention to detail not only in the field, but in the office to carry out a cost effective seamless migration of an extraordinary local material to be transplanted in a mid country Dream Kitchen. We worked within the budget and the parameters of the client to create a protocol to fulfill their ambitions to own a one of a kind work of functional art. One of our installers was flown to Chicago to install the shipped 48" x 120" Island top with local labor supplied by a local affiliate, BDC Supply. The installation perfectly matched the plans and shop drawings supplied by J&M that were created from the cabinet makers CAD drawings. The rough sawn edge is a simple, clean example of a reclaimed walnut plank, without the splitting, staining, or twisting. The addition of hand hammered nails and Iron dovetails add to the illusion of a reclaimed wood island.

Set in Stone...'Wood' WoodForm® Outside

This outdoor BBQ was designed by Bosenberg & Co Landscape Architects. The names of the resident children were carved in the wood Great personal touch!

Aoyama Restaurant Wyckoff, NJ

WoodForm™ Concrete Bar in a French/Thai Japanese Fusion Restaurant in Wyckoff NJ. Amazing atmosphere with delicious food!

Born in Harding

Woodform was created for one client that had the forethought and desire to have the unique. JM Lifestyles had been creating new textures and a wood texture was one of the subjects. This client wanted it to be used in multiple applications through out her kitchen. The Design team had engineered a complete system that allowed for the diverse applications that were requested and even invented new ones. The result was and is a revolutionary idea in surfacing. Although this idea has been around for centuries, Faux Bois, or fake wood, for example the caliber at which we can re-create wood surfaces in a variety of products and surfaces on a small, cost effective scale is revolutionary. We invite you to engage and create a new world around you.

Roof Top Oasis J&M BBQ Foundation

This private roof top garden was the perfect location for a J&M BBQ Foundation. The composite is very lightweight, making it the perfect product to mount on this IPE deck. The integral sink, 42" Wolf Grill, and Sub Zero refrigerator make this a full outdoor oasis. Notice the serving table, it's WoodForm Concrete® also.

Wine Bottle Faucet

We created a custom sink for a small space powder room. Using WoodForm concrete® for the base we carved the family's initials in the 'wood'. We also used a wine bottle for the faucet!

Industrial Farm House Bath

This bathroom looks like a lot of different materials, but it is only one, concrete. Woodform concrete® wraps corrugate looking metal (which is also concrete) and Coraline Limestone (Concrete). This all comes together to create this unique and functional bathroom. Designed by Rae Designs.

Log Cabin Kitchen

This kitchen has a hand carved rock sink and Woodform™ Concrete Countertops and a hand carved rock island. Very fitting in this refined rustic home.

Mansion in May 2012

Woodform concrete in the kitchen Island

Mansion in May Planting Room

We were very fortunate to be in the 2012 MIM with so many talented designers! We were hosted in three rooms with Morgan House Interiors, Papyrus and Haute Bungalow. Our WoodForm Island top in the Kitchen was a huge success as well as our WoodForm planting table in our NEW Papyrus Gray color and the Signature Haute Bungalow finish of the coffee table in the "Musician's Dungeon". We had a tremendous response and we appreciate all of the hard work from everyone involved.

Levels of a Chatham Backyard

This massive WoodForm BBQ top project was a perfect addition to replace the cracked granite that was existing. These custom colored WoodForm tops allowed for a 50" x 130" seamless top to be the focal point of the pool BBQ and the small refined practical Kitchen side BBQ was fitted with a grill side towel bar. The perfect addition to a home that has it all. The tops were created to match the stone work in the base. Notice how this 'wood' doesn't absorb water!l

Toms River BBQ Center

This outdoor BBQ and service area hosts a variety of finishes and elements. The Ten foot BBQ Island consists of the standard footprint outfitted with a 42" grill, access doors, garbage and chopping unit, drawer unit and side burner. This unit is fastened to the paver deck and is a semi permanent structure. On or near the water these materials perform better than any other in this application. Also within this space is a service bar that hosts two WoodForm counter tops. The upper is bolted on th eseam lengthwise to wrap the columns and the lower has a standard integral WoodForm single sink. Also is the custom colored and shaped Interlam Panel, cast in concrete to weather the elements.

Country Kitchen Table

This table design consists of a custom fabricated stainless base with copper detailing to match the hood on the other side of the kitchen. You can create a custom table top any size and make it look like wood. The look of wood with the durability of concrete!
The WoodForm finish top gives a durable surface for a busy house with three children. Iron dovetails and Nails complete the rustic country design that settles into the space as if it was made for it, because it was.

WoodForm Concrete® and wood wrapped stone Chatham, NJ

A Transitional Country home with updated appeal carries the rustic WoodForm Concrete® surface into the application of everyday life. This kitchen design is beautifully accented with another JM signature finish, their hand-trowelled surface.